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Prevent varicose veins!

With proper attention, even unpleasant symptoms could be prevented …

Varicose veins affect many people. There may be genetic causes for the development of diseases, but we don’t necessarily have to accept that. If a similar problem has occurred in our family, there is still much we can do to prevent it and reduce the symptoms.

1.   Pay attention to your weight!
In most cases, obesity also plays a role in the development of varicose veins. In this case, the weight of our feet is greater and the blood circulation in the blood vessels also slows down, thus further promoting the development of vascular diseases. So you need to eat healthy. In addition to introducing the right diet, gymnastics and exercise can also help with being overweight. Exercise should not be excessive. Let’s start with something simple, but keep it regular.

2.     Move
Every day we need exercise. If you don’t have an overweight, don’t forget about movement. If you do sedentary work, then it is almost mandatory to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Any form of movement that moves the muscles of the lower limbs has a good effect. Regularity is also a very important factor. In addition to sitting, it is almost mandatory to move our limbs for a few minutes a day.

3. Vitamins
In addition to nutrition and exercise, vitamins are also very important. In particular, there are vitamins that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and thus promote the formation of the varicose veins (e.g., vitamins C, E). These vitamins are found in most amounts in berries. In addition to vitamins, it is also worth consuming vegetables and fruits. To achieve a truly optimal effect, it is recommended to put together a unique diet.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the check either! Important control is very important.

To avoid having to run from doctor to doctor later, or even seek surgical help, you might want to follow these simple tips.

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